What should we pay attention to when buying shot blasting machine

- 2021-04-15-

1. Purchase a shot blasting machine suitable for your own processing needs. There are many specifications of shot blasting machine, such as hook type, through type, crawler type, etc. to meet your own processing needs refers to the type of shot blasting machine suitable for cleaning the workpiece. Large steel structure parts should be cleaned by through type shot blasting machine, and small hardware parts can be cleaned by crawler type shot blasting machine. Customers should provide the size of daily cleaning workpiece Select the suitable shot blasting machine.

2. Due to the uncertainty of the price of shot blasting machine, after years of development, the general shot blasting equipment has formed a relatively unified price. The time difference between customers' purchase and purchase is not big, but the product quality should be confirmed first.

For the non-standard customized shot blasting equipment, there are many uncertain factors such as the number of shot blasters, dust removal air volume, and room size, so the price is not unified.

3. Product quality, shot blasting machine product quality mainly grasp the following aspects: (1) the quality of raw materials, such as the thickness of steel plate, (2) manufacturing process, (3) shot blasting cleaning performance, which can be very intuitive in the field to see, when customers buy, they can watch the cleaning process of shot blasting machine on the spot to see the appearance of the cleaned workpiece.