Sand Blasting Booths

Puhua is a professional China Sand Blasting Booths manufacturer and supplier. The customizable sandblasting room is mainly used for cleaning large steel structures, ships and truck chassis, removing rust spots, rust layers and oxide scales on the steel, and obtaining a uniform, smooth and shiny metal surface, thereby improving the coating quality and durability. High corrosion resistance.

After the high-quality blasting room is processed, the surface stress of the steel will increase, which can prolong the service life of the workpiece. The dry blasting room is equipped with blasting tank, dust collector, trolley and abrasive circulation system.



2、sandblasting system

3、abrasive recyling system

4、abrasive separator

5、dust collector system

6、workpiece conveying system

7、control system


The size of your sand blasting booths depends on the size of the largest workpiece you are trying to blast. The blasting booth should be large enough to accommodate the largest workpieces and provide ample workspace for the blasting crew. We recommend leaving a working space of 1-1.5m around the blast being blasted.

We can customize the sandblasting room according to the buyer's maximum length, width, height and weight of the workpiece. We also have professional sandblasting room installation engineers who will guide customers in the installation and commissioning of the sandblasting room.

The advantages of sandblasting room:

1. Flatbed type sandblasting cleaning system

2. New scraper conveying structure

3. Gun continuous blasting system

4. Multi-position dust collector

5. Two front and rear safety doors


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