Sandblasting Room

Sandblasting Room includes two parts, part one is the blasting system , the other is the sand material recycling ( including the floor back to the sand , the segmented recycling ) , separation and dedusting system ( including partial and full room dust removal ) . A flatcar is commonly used as a work piece carrier .

Sandblasting Room is special designed to dedicate surface treatment requirements for large structural parts, cars, dump trucks and others.

Shot blasting is powered with compressed air, the abrasive media is accelerated to 50-60 m/s impact to the workpieces’ surface, it is a non-contact, less non-polluting method of surface treatment.

The advantages are a flexible layout, easy maintenance, less one-time investment etc., and thus very popular among structural parts producers.

Key Features of Sandblasting Room :

sandblasting processing can thoroughly clean the surface of work piece of welding slag, rust, descaling, grease, improve surface coating adhesion, achieve long-term anti-corrosion purpose. In addition, using shot peening treatment, which can eliminate the work piece surface stress and improve the intensity.

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