Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine

The hook type shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface cleaning of castings, structural parts, non-ferrous metals and other parts. The series of hook shot blasting machines we produce include single hook type, double hook type, lifting type, non-lifting type and other types. We are a professional shot blasting machine manufacturer. The hook type shot blasting machine has no pit, structure Compact and high productivity.


Double hook and single hook type shot blasting machine


1). The hook type shot blasting machine is mainly used for mass processing of medium and small workpieces. It has the advantages of high efficiency and compact structure.

2). Workpieces can be conveyed continuously. The working procedure is, set the speed, hang the workpiece on the hook, and take it out after cleaning the lens.

3). Each single hook can hang weights from 10kg to 5000kg, with high productivity and stable operation.

4). Best for surfaces and interiors of complex workpieces, such as engine cylinder heads and motor housings.

5). High quality hook type shot blasting machines are ideal for the automotive, tractor, diesel, motor and valve industries.

6). Can be used with the production line or alone


Application case of hook type shot blasting machine

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