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Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group was established in 2006, total registered capital over 8,500,000 dollar, total area nearly 50,000 square meters. The Group owns four subsidiary corporation: Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd; Qingdao Amada Numerical Control Machinery Co., Ltd; Qingdao Puhua Dongjiu Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd; Shandong JiTran International Intelligent equipment Co., Ltd. main products are shot blasting machine(hook type shot blasting machine, roller conveyor shot blasting machine), sand blasting booths, CNC punching machine and laser cutting machine and other customized Intelligent equipment.

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  • Sand Blasting Chamber

    Sand Blasting Chamber

    You can rest assured to buy PUHUA Sand Blasting Chamber from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. The sandblasting room can be applied to the surface cleaning and derusting of various large workpieces, such as large car bodies, truck buckets, weighbridges, tanks, automobile underframes, containers, etc. Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional sandblasting room manufacturer , if you have any questions about sandblasting room, please contact us

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  • Shot Blasting Booth

    Shot Blasting Booth

    Puhua® shot blasting booth/room is primarily for cleaning big steel structural parts, vessel, truck chassis to remove the rusty spot, rusty layer and scale cinder on steel to obtain a uniform, smooth and glossy metal surface allowing improved coating quality and higher anti-corrosion performance, the surface stress of steel is strengthened, and the service life of workpieces is prolonged.

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  • Road Shot Blasting Machine

    Road Shot Blasting Machine

    Puhua® Road Shot Blasting Machine Function of road surface blasting once will be enough clear away surface laitance of concrete and remove impurities, and can undertake hair treatment on the surface of concrete, make its surface well-distributed roughness, greatly improving the adhesive strength of the waterproof layer and concrete base layer, so that the waterproof layer and bridge deck can better combination, and at the same time the crack of concrete can be fully exposed, have the effect of nip in the bud.

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